Oakwrights carry out restoration of period timber frame structures from minor repairs to complete dismantling and rebuilding.

Timber frames often need strengthening and modification requiring Listed Building Consent.  Our in-house Civil Engineer can liaise with Conservation Officers and specify repairs.  Bringing together design, engineering and carpentry skills in a small team enables us to respond more quickly and provide better and more cost effective solutions.

Oak Frame Sussex 3

We are often asked to reinforce oak structures with exposed steel sections as specified by a Structural Engineer.  As this type of repair can be unsightly and unnecessary we typically redesign the repairs, to the approval of the Engineer, to be either concealed or sympathetic to the original structure.



Oak frame buildings are extremely durable and will last many centuries if well maintained, however, Deathwatch beetle can cause major structural problems in a short time.  Oakwrights have surveyed and repaired many properties which have been damaged by Deathwatch beetle. 

Oak Frame Sussex 4

It is often assumed, even by Surveyors, that the condition of a structural timber can be determined by visual inspection alone.  Unfortunately, oak which has been subject to infestation by Deathwatch beetle (as opposed to furniture beetle or woodworm) can appear to be in excellent condition on the outside and severely decayed on the inside. 

We use a special purpose Sibert drill with a 1.0mm diameter drill bit which bores through the selected timber and produces a graphical display of the density of that timber. It is effective for detecting decay in timbers affected by deathwatch beetle where the outside of the timber appears sound but the heart has been damaged.